HYT H1 Cigar


The H1 Cigar is the first customised watch from HYT and a demonstration of the almost limitless possibilities for developing unique cases which combine "polyepoxyde" resin with a solid element of our choosing. As always with HYT: a technological breakthrough becomes a new creative horizon.

Today, HYT is going yet one step further. the reflection is centred around an observation: cases have been created for decades by combining materials and colours, sometimes leading, it is true, to surprising results.

A new creative horizon

But why not let the customer be the one to choose an alchemy that appeals to them?

A HYT timepiece is where emotion meets technology, a rare and unique object. This exercise should be taken to its natural conclusion: offering to build a case which integrates elements with their own emotional weight, personal to each owner. The ultimate customisation. A unique piece, each intimately linked to its wearer.



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