HYT H1 Colorblock Blue


The H1 colorblock remain faithful to their ancestors. A heartfelt tribute to the model that paved the way for radically innovative watchmaking. The most knowledgeable enthusiasts will notice a few details borrowed from HYT's contemporary models, such as the black liquid created for the H1 full gold, or the minute hand developed for the H1 ghost.

The capillary on the H1 colorblock is partially coated in superluminova (sln), which glows green in low light to illuminate it from below, allowing the time to be read "by deduction": the opaque black liquid blocks light, while the clear liquid allows it through.

The H1 Colorblock in blue is the most subtle of the trio, featuring a glacial aura of a surprising depth. Each piece features a strap in a brand new, ultra-resistant fabric specially designed for these models.



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