HYT H1 Sand Barth


St Barthélemy, or a parallel, private universe, where you can experience this barefoot and low key vibe, what the french call décontracté. Parfait, non?

HYT developed an exclusive manner in which to carry a small part of the world’s most beautiful beach all year round. Just a few grains of sand from the anse du gouverneur were enough to be injected in the case of this limited edition of 25 pieces.

An Emotional Accelerator

The unique resin case composition also called polyepoxyde, brings an element of lightness to the watch with ground-breaking properties : 7 times lighter than stainless steel, 4 times lighter than titanium but 3 times more resistant.

Two straps are available and allow you swap-up your style depending on your mood or the occasion :

- sporty chic mood with white rubber, or 

- ready for a fancier cocktail with the black rubberized alligator with blue stitching. 



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